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#ET 6on6 ODC Season 11 written by Robert, 2014-01-08 16:30 CET (0 comments)

Date: 8 January
Format: 6v6
SignUp:http://et-cups.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [et-cups.tourney.cc]

Check in: 19:45 CET
Brackets: 20:00 CET
Start: 20:00 CET

Every player has to play on his real nickname, fake nicks not allowed - this may result in a forfeit loss.
Every player has to record demos.
If a player is caught cheating, the team will be disqualified.
Atleast one player from each team must idle in #ET
Both teams must lock & speclock to prevent any problems, use specinvite.
If a team fails to check in, they will NOT be playing.
If a team doesn't show for 10/15 minutes, they will be disqualified.
No cwels allowed.
Frostbite forced as decider in case of double fullhold in 1st and 2nd Round.

Schedule (maps might be changed, depends on signups & votes!)
1st Round - adlernest
Quarter-Finals - radar (could be on ETTV if interesting game)
Semi-Final sw_goldrush / loser's choice - (ETTV)
Final - Both teams pick a map - (ETTV)

Frostbite forced as decider or 2nd map in 1st/2nd round in case of double fullhold.

In case of 8 or less teams in the cup - all games will be played on ETTV, with a possibility of doing all games BO3.

supply - grush - radar - adlernest - bremen - frostbite

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